Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling Young

You know what I realized today?

I was thinking about my age and how I don’t feel like I am almost 30. I am dreading leaving my 20’s, btw. I still feel like I am 23. I wish!

But I feel that way because everyone around me is aging like I am too.

 I really only feel older when the kids I remember being so small, now tower over me in their high-school bodies.

Some times I feel like I am getting old, that my time is running out to have children. But then I realized that even if I am not able to have my own or adopt until I am 35+, I won’t feel 35. I will feel way younger and I know this is true, cuz I am working on being healthy!

Anyways, that put a smile on my face today. J

Over and out. Kim.

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