Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bound to break an ankle, for sure.

Struggle is an everyday occurrence. Struggle is necessary for growth. Struggle can be overcome.  Struggle makes you stronger. Struggle is a royal pain in the posterior!


I know all the sayings. “No pain, no gain.” Or “if it’s not difficult, it’s not worth it.” I don’t think that one was right but, whatevs. Blah.blah.blah.

I promise this is not a ranting post, or at least it won’t end as one. J

I have been struggling lately.

I am no acrobat and it’s obvious with the lack of skill in my juggling act.

 When I toss everything in the air not everything lands on the ground but I have been missing some pretty heavy items. For instance, my Weight Watchers tracking has slacked. My workout routine hasn’t been much of a routine lately. I’m getting better at keeping up with my Bible time (yes preacher’s wives struggle with this too).

It seems that when I get in a hurry, those “cannonballs” are the first to drop. And if I don’t pick them up and put them back into the rotation, I know that I will wind up stubbing my toes on them as I try to maintain the rest of the show. (got that mental picture didn’t you?)

Unicyclist juggling, Belle Vue Circus, 1960
My act is a good one though, I assure you. Where I lack in death-defying feats I make up for with color in all the excuses I make for myself. I’m quite good at keeping those multi-hued hankies floating in the air for sure. “Do it tomorrow.” “It’s no big deal this time.” “I have to finish ____ first.”

Alas, the show must go on under this Big Top!

Fun of the big top.
I will be practicing my juggling despite the failures that may happen.

I’m not going to let self or other discouragement get me down. I may be a clown, but I refuse to be that sad clown with the painted on tears. 

And one day, I will rise in the ranks from the fumbling clown to the high-flying trapeze girl, feathered costume and all!

Circus Vargas 2011
So struggle on, just make sure you don’t stop!

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